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We have been working on several new products that will be released on September 10th! Here's a look at some of what's to come:

✔️CUSTOM BEANIES - We designed a special surprise for the artist Why Not Cordell in August. Our inbox quickly flooded with DM's requesting copies of the hat, which was not originally intended for resale since it was a gift. The amount of messages we received from people asking for this hat inspired us to design more like it, but for now we are only dropping one replica here until we release the rest of our custom beanies on the 10th!

✔️CUSTOM SHOES - We've been experimenting with some fun alters from different brands and testing out new materials, including spikes & patches. So far, customs have gone out across the world to 27 happy customers and we haven't even listed them on the site yet! The follow-up announcement on this release will include details of the other collaborating artists on this project as well as several other artists being introduced to the BLVCK CVT Family.

✔️FESTIVAL WEAR - Over the years, we've designed several costumes for festivals, the most popular being the mermaid crowns for the Imagine Music Festival performers. Keep an eye out for several new styles of headdresses similar to our previous mermaid-themed designs and possibly a shark-related line of unisex clothing and accessories ;)

XO - G